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Discover the wonders of the microscopic world with QUANTA 200 FESEM – FEG Scanning Electron Microscope & EDS – the perfect tool to explore your samples with utmost detail.

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FE-SEM Microscope Services

QUANTA 200 FESEM – FEG Scanning Electron Microscope & EDS

A revolutionary imaging tool that provides you with exceptional resolution and accuracy.
Schottky FEG SEM
Works in high and low vacuum with high resolution
Acc Voltage: <0.1 kV to 30KV continuous
SED, BSED and STEM detectors
EDS Detector – 136 eV resolution
EDS Mapping available
Beam deceleration mode for extreme low KV imaging (sub 100V)
Resolution: 1nm @ 15KV, 1.8nm @1KV in both high and low vac modes
Piezo Stage: 4-axis motorized Eucentric X = 150 mm; Y = 150 mm; Z = 65 mm; -10 to 60 degree tilt.

Widely used applications:

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The Company currently has an installed capacity of testing more than 3000 samples per annum.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    We provide testing, imaging and analysis of Metallurgical, Physical, Biological & Chemical samples using Scanning Electron Microscopes (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) and an Optical Microscope. Fracture Analysis, Nano Particle analysis, Biological Cell imaging are few of the applications which are possible.

    We also have Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectrometers fitted to both our SEMs. This enables to get elemental micro-analysis, x-ray mapping etc.
    We have a team of efficient Application Executives who will be working on your specimens. Our team has a decade of experience in handling these instruments and various applications.
    We will allot earliest available time slot for the instrument required for your job. Since requirement of instrument is application specific, we encourage you to get in touch with us with your specific requirement.
    This depends entirely on your imaging/analysis requirements. Please contact us with details of your specimen(s) and requirement of imaging/analysis. We try to accommodate urgent needs of our customers.
    We need a discussion with you regarding your samples and your need for images and data. This happens prior to taking up the job. Based on this discussion requirement of the particular instrument and approximate time needed to carry out the imaging/analysis is determined.

    During the imaging/analysis we encourage you to sit with our Application Executive so that area of interest on your samples and data requirements are fulfilled. We also provide live remote sessions during imaging/analysis.
    Please call us or fill up the schedule an appointment form or drop a mail with your requirements. Our team will contact you.
    We provide services on per hour and per sample basis. Total cost depends on several factors such as type and number of samples, imaging and analysis requirements etc.